Business Name Ideas – Some Simple Guidelines

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet but does this apply to business name ideas? Find out more.

Thinking of business name ideas is not the quickest or easiest process but it’s one of the most important tasks you will undertake when you start your company. Good or bad, your company name is the first impression most people have of your organisation. If you decide to change your name, it can be very expensive and time consuming to re-brand your business. Here are 10 ways you find a winning company name that does the business.

The name is memorable

When brainstorming business name ideas, you want to choose a name that a consumer remembers for all the right reasons. A creative industry calls for a creative name such as ‘A Snip Above the Rest’ for a hairdressing salon or you may want to play on words such as ‘Bean Me Up Espresso’ for a coffee shop. However, for a business such as a lawyer or doctor, you may decide to keep the name more professional and more corporate sounding.

Choose a searchable name

In this internet savvy world, it is ideal to choose a name that has a domain name available and low competition on Search Engines. If you choose a catchy name that is similar to other businesses, you may find that your business name is buried in the search results even for your company name. The name should also be easy to spell and if possible, try and use a keyword. This works well for organisations such as the ‘Queensland Theatre Company’.

Choose a name with positive associations

A business name that is unsuitable for your industry or just plain inappropriate, distasteful or bordering on the offensive such as ‘Stiff Nipples Air Conditioning’ or just sounds like a rude word will reflect badly on your business. Many words have both denotation (literal meaning) and connotation (emotional meaning). Choose names that have positive associations and signify trust and authority.
Choose a name that won’t date

A name that may be fashionable here and now or have popular culture references may not be understood or relevant fifty years from now. When thinking about business name ideas, think of a name that is funky and fun if your industry allows for it but will also last the distance in the corporate world and won’t date. Your business name needs to grow and develop with your business (see below).

Make it easy to pronounce and spell

Unfortunately the reality is that if a customer cannot pronounce your name correctly, this may inhibit them from calling your business or using your services. It’s a barrier to sales that most companies do not need. However, there are always exceptions to the rule and a quirky company name such as ‘agent provocateur’ which sells lingerie and breaks a lot of the business name guidelines may enhance your business and add a certain savoir faire.

Choose a name that will allow your company to grow

If you are planning to stay in one locality and have no plans for expansion, it is recommended that you use a localised keyword such as ‘Queensland’ in your business name (as above). However, if you do have plans for business growth whether that includes different regions or introducing different product categories, you should choose a name that will serve your company’s needs now and well in the future.

Use personal names

Some business experts say it can add credibility to your business say using your own name such as ‘Dick Smith’ or ‘Harvey Norman’ and this certainly works well in certain professions. Others say it may indicate that the business is a small entity and people may prefer to deal with a larger company. You can get around this by adding your name and associates or use a combination of a personal name and descriptive name such as ‘Dell Computers’.

Descriptive business name

Choosing an intrinsic business name is another strategy employed when thinking about business name ideas. People will be able to know at first glance exactly what your company does whether you own a gym, you are an accountant or you provide SEO Services. This strategy can work well for businesses. Examples include ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’ and ‘International Business Machines (IBM)’ which do exactly what their business name says.

Build your unique brand

Businesses such as ‘Virgin Blue’, ‘Microsoft’, ‘Amazon’, ‘Google’, ‘Nike’ and ‘Cadbury’ have chosen names that defy all the business rules and spent a lot of money building their brand and educating customers about the products and services they sell and what they stand for as a company. In a lot of instances, these names are very unique and usually one word that is easier to remember and spell for the average consumer.

Emphasise your business image

Adjectives describing your product or service can be effectively used in a business name and they allow customers to be able to instantly conjure an image of your company simply by the name such as ‘Hire a Hubby’ or ‘Merry Maids’. The name you choose reflects the quality of your business and that image can be conveyed clearly to your customers purely through your company name alone.

There are several different strategies you can employ when choosing a name for your small business. These are just a few. Choosing a business name is an important part of branding your business. Think long and hard about the name of your company because there is no quick and painless way to change it. Once you have brainstormed business name ideas and settled one you like, register it straight away and buy the domain name.

Five Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own E-Business Site

The present situation of economic recession experienced in most countries of the world comes with a lot of problems and challenges. No one can deny the fact that everybody needs money. The easiest and most secure way to earn money is by having your own profitable business. However, starting and building a profitable business within a short time may not be easy to many people due to reasons such as insufficient capital, lack of business experience, stiff business competition among others. With all the challenges of starting and putting up a profitable business taken into consideration, e-business provides a great alternative for any determined entrepreneur to consider as an investment option. If you are a determined entrepreneur, here are five simple reasons as to why you should start your own e-business.

  • It is easier to start as it requires very little capital. Usually, with less than one hundred dollars, you can start and run a successful e-business. Further, it does not require a lot of specialized skills to begin. In most cases, most successful entrepreneurs who run e-businesses gain required skilled as they go on with their e-business. This means that everybody can actually begin and run a successful e-business.
  • Unlike other businesses, e-business operates twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. This means that, as other businesses close their doors to wait for the following day, your e-business will be open all day and all night. This has an added advantage in that your business will continue bringing in sales automatically even when you as the owner you are sleeping or engaged in other activities.
  • One of the most challenging step in starting a business that really requires a decision-making is choosing a niche, when you choose a correct niche, you are likely to excel. In e-business you can have one website and in it sell products and services of different niches at ago without the need o hiring other people. All you need to do is to create many pages on your e-business site and in each page promote a different product. This means you can have multiple income streams which are advantageous because when one niche fails to perform to your expectations, the other niche would be working therefore reducing chances of total loss.
  • With e-business, the whole world is your marketplace. There billions of people who use the internet for various reasons so if you position you business online there, you are likely t to have all those people as your potential customers. With transactions worth trillions of dollars taking place, you can easily make more than ten thousand dollars each month from your e-business.
  • Lastly, Profitability of e-business is high compared to many businesses. In e-business, it is very possible to earn a six figure income from your e-business within a month or less depending on your business strategies and tactics. This is almost impossible with most businesses.

You may consider putting the above points into practice to fully realize how easy and effective e-business can be.

How To Start A Lawn Care Business On A Shoestring

As the economy loses more and more steam, people are beginning to think more seriously about starting their own business. If you’re one of those people and are in a quandary about where to start, there aren’t many business opportunities that qualify for being able to start-up on a shoestring budget. But there is one that you can start-up (if only part-time to begin with) and be up and running within 48 hours. And that’s the lawn care business.

Indeed, one noted lawn care specialist, Daniel Pepper, suggests taking it one step at a time. “I’ve got a lot of customers that want to start the business part-time, and you can totally do that, because you control how many customers you want to take on. And for a lot of people, that is the way, and that’s what we recommend. That’s the way to start part-time. Take it step by step, take it slowly, let the business mature naturally, and so even though someone may have a full-time job, they can still on the side, after work, on the weekends, take on one, two, three, four customer accounts, and just go from there and grow it as a part-time business.”

As far as the kind of lawn care equipment one needs in order to get started in the business, you can pretty much get away with the bare minimum: a mower, a trimmer, and a power blower or broom. That’s all Daniel had when he started his business at twelve years of age. “I mean, anybody can start this business. It’s amazing, it’s unlimited, and as long as you’re disciplined, as long as you can just pick up the trick of trimming right, and pick up just mowing straight lines, and cleaning up after it, I mean anybody can do it.”

One of the things that Daniel emphasizes in the startup process to make money with lawn care is to just keep things simple. He says that generally these days, people don’t have or want to spend the time it takes to maintain their lawns. People will see “an advertisement or some form of marketing, and they’ll give us a call, and we’ll come out, give them a quote, and if it looks good, they’ll give us the green light, and then we’ll begin to look after their property for them.” And then there are the different cut intervals: do they want it done weekly or do they want it done bi-weekly? “Some companies even offer lawn cuts every 10 days, but that’s essentially the way that it works. It’s a very, very simple business…”

You can start with residential customers if you like, as those are probably the easiest to go after; but don’t forget the commercial prospects. There are small business owners, gas stations, apartment complexes, business office parks, and retail stores whose property has grass and trees that need tending. You could target a few commercial prospects and build your business on that alone if you wanted. There’s an unlimited customer base from which to choose to build a customer roster. You just need to look over the potential market and choose who you’re going to approach.

As far as marketing techniques go, every market is different, so you have to test for what works in the market you’re in. You can use a variety of techniques to gather intelligence, and then stick with the ones that work for your area. For some people, door hangers, hanging a flier on the doorknob of a home works well to get the word out. You could also, if you have a small budget, have the flier inserted in a local newspaper. Of course, there’s also classified ads. Many businesses simply use that, and thrive off just having a little classified ad, a three or four liner in the classified business section of their daily newspaper or weekly shopper. As Daniel says: “Every market’s different so it’s tough to nail down exactly what will work. Nothing is ever going to work the same in every market. You’ve got to test.”

What it all comes down to in order to be successful in a lawn care business is: knowledge and the execution of a business plan. For most people, mowing and trimming lawns is something they already know about or can teach themselves very quickly. Where people most often fail is in the planning stage. They don’t have a map for where they’re going or how to get there. They’re not aware of the pitfalls that can pop up and how to handle them. In short, they are unprepared to enter the business world and to do the things they need to do to become successful.

If you are serious about going into this business, then you would be doing yourself a favor to seek out the advice of someone who has already succeeded in it. Daniel Pepper has prepared a lawn care business course that covers all the ins and outs, the ups and downs of being able to run this business successfully. He calls it his Ultimate Lawn Care Business Formula. If you are seriously thinking of entering this field, you won’t find a better, more comprehensive legitimate guide to help you make money with lawn care.

Daniel’s lawn care business course is well worth looking into as it can not only help save entrepreneurs from making costly mistakes, but save them money in the start-up and operation of their business. Be wise and spend some time looking through the links below. If you’re serious about this, you won’t regret the time spent.